My child has become moody and aggressive.
Is there some connection between his weight and his behavior?
I’m married, on thyroid medication, and want to have a baby.
My cycles have not been regular and I’m gaining weight. What can I do to realize my dream of having a healthy child?
My father’s diabetes has caused his blood pressure to spike and his physical activity to plummet.
What can I do to help him manage his diabetes?
How can I stop my Psoriasis from taking over my life?
I find it hard to focus on my learning and my memory is not what it used to be.
How do I get the help I need?


At Binyan Shaleim, an expert team of health professionals work
together to determine the lifestyle, genetic and environmental factors that may be at the root of
a patient’s physical or mental disease. Based on their expert evaluation, the team develops
a personalized plan designed to set the patient on the road to optimal health and well-being.

“A treatment approach that puts little or no emphasis on trying to discover and treat the underlying cause of the illness, is much like trying to shore up the walls of a home without repairing the cracks in the foundation.”
Eliezer Gruber, CN, Founder, Binyan Shaleim


Today is the day to begin your Binyan Shaleim journey to health and wellness. You can take this first step! 
We are here to you on your road to optimal health.


Make an appointment

Make an appointment for your health interview to meet with our health professionals who will look to understand your medical history, diet, and lifestyle.



Resources including doctors, nurse practitioners, dietitians, and social workers will evaluate your health bio for a complete analysis.


Plan Development

You will be contacted by your personal health coordinator who will discuss the care team’s findings and set up appointments with the health team to develop your personalized wellness plan.


Reaching Goals

Your care coordinator will monitor your progress as you implement recommendations and work towards achieving your health goals.

Think Differently About Your Health …
and Your Healthcare

Cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death in the U.S.
100 million adults live with diabetes or prediabetes.
44 million Americans suffer from a mental health condition.


Scientific studies have linked what can only be called an “epidemic” of physical and mental disease to harmful lifestyle habits – including poor diet, exposure to environmental toxins, high stress levels, lack of exercise and insufficient sleep.
The disease-centered “prescription pad” approach to healthcare – which consists of evaluating symptoms, arriving at a diagnosis, and then prescribing medication – has had little effect in stemming the tide of illness. As a result, medical centers such as Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins are shifting to a patient-centered, integrated approach that identifies genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors to treat the root causes of illness and to forge a path to wellness.
With the opening of Binyan Shaleim, that same approach to achieving optimal mind and body health has become accessible to residents of Lakewood and neighboring communities.

The Research

The Science Behind Functional Medicine:

Researchers are discovering new findings on the benefits of integrating standard medical care with the likes of proper diet, good sleeping habits, exercise, supplements and a health emotional state of mind.

Open the plus sign on each tab to view the research that has been done on that subject. 
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